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The Pblane.com-sopimus guarantee guarantees the payment of the rent during the first year of the tenancy.We are at your service during the entire duration of the tenancy, also after the guarantee period.

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Pblane makes life easy for all tenants out there. You will be guided through every step of the process, until you move out. Pblane takes care of all transactions between you and your landlord. There are no up-front or hidden fees when you use Pblane to rent your home.

The safe and secure way to rent out your home

Experience a smart, simple and safe way to let your home to businesses and private tenants.
There are no up-front or hidden fees when you use Pblane to rent out your home.
Pblane pay you three (3) month’s rent as security deposit, before tenant moving in.
The security deposit is held by you so you can relax. You will receive your rent on the 25th every month.

Furnished Apartments

The longer you stay, the less you pay. We’re strong believers in keeping costs low for our guests. We also believe in commitment. So when you stay in a Pblane apartment for a longer term, we reward you by reducing the nightly price dramatically.

Sign a deal for your property with Pblane

Risk-free yield for you. When you list your apartment or home with us, you can forget everything except for your guaranteed income. List your apartment with Pblane and sleep easy.

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